New Designs: Football!

I see foxes, yet I do not see foxes. o.o;

PS: Design Size. Smalls. >9". Plz ;3

I want to buy the fox and bunny shirt as advertised in the banner, but I can’t find it.

Where’s the fox football shirt! I want! Pleeeeeeeease! =)

I am also looking for the fox shirt :frowning:

FWIW, I flagged a mod to poke a dev to look into this.

I’ll forward it onto the Shirt Crew.

I dunno about an answer tonight but hopefully tomorrow we’ll hear back.

Thanks for the post and interest guys!

How does it feel to want?

Ya, I see fable’s “interception” in the ad banner but not in the sale itself. Uh, what gives?

Okay this made me sad.

I see a shirt I want in the banner the fox and bunnies playing football. I grabbed my wallet but alas I can’t buy.


But, but, but foxes?! sniff

Ulm… just wanna point out that two of the shirts were apart of the 3rd place tie sale! Isn’t the HM ment for those that didn’t win?

I looked for the fox as well. My purse was open and the credit card jumped out into my hand and was ready to go. What’s up with those Woot slackers?

Will other shirts go on sale too? I’m new to the derby and I really wanted the Fantasy Football shirt with the two wizards

Foxes and Buns are now available. Buy 'til your wallets are empty!

In all the excitement we missed this one, and we are sorry.

Thank you!!!

I can’t support foxes that run up the score. :tongue:

They explained that here.

Thanks for taking care of this (on both shirt.woot and the main site), you jittery squirrel you.

EDIT: Wait, do you want the men’s small… is it normally different then the other men’s sizes?