New Designs: Football!

I want to buy the fox and bunny shirt as advertised in the banner, but I can’t find it.

That is the same thing I came to say

Why no overnight shipping option for when it does ship on the 30th?

Foxes and Buns are now available.
Buy 'til your wallets are empty!

In all the excitement we missed this one. Sorry. we still love you. Promise.

I tested one and there is an overnight option so long as you’re willing to wait til the 30th for it to ship overnight. Which one aren’t you seeing that on?

Maaannnn Football shirts really need to be offered in our choice of colors! I would buy the snacks one in red in A SECOND (probably a few, really), but green? What if someone thinks I’m a Spartan fan? (I do like them, but, you know.)