New Designs For "The Big Game"

I *just got an email message telling me that I’m “responsible for the marketing analysis of the ads” at the Party! And here you are - not only the perfect shirt for me, but FREE 1 day shipping!!! Niiiice.

Good Idea!

AWESOME!!! Two shirts! That way, I can change at half-time.

To pre-empt potential worrying: we should be able to ship these out as they’re ordered BUT the promise is that we’ll get all of these out by Thursday (1/30) for delivery on Friday.

I still have no answer to the eternal question one.

Unfortunately these did not go out as ordered. I ordered on Tuesday with One Day Delivery and have not received my shirt.

Flying to Chicago today - so this was an epic fail for the big Superbowl party :frowning:

I’m sorry, we were sending these out by yesterday- it looks like yours did ship yesterday and should deliver today, maybe there’s still hope? :frowning: