New Designs from the Shirt-Off

Thank you for making these available!!! I was so sad to have slept through “Hellovetica.”

no kids sizes in bad breath…AA kids is the only shirt that fits the beanpoles!

For the uninformed:

I love the take on the black, white, and red all over. If I wasn’t married and had little kids, I would totally get that shirt. My wife would make me throw the shirt away and my kids would be “daddy, why does that panda have red all over him?”

In for a Fry, thanks for the 2nd chance Woot!

Thank you, Woot, for taking my muneez. I can has shirts!

In for Hellovetica.

And, believe it or not, that OBNOXIOUS Maneater shirt. I hate it. Yet I must have it. It’s like a train wreck that you can’t stop looking at, and I know that if I don’t snag one I will hate myself later.

The 117 people who bought my Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World’s End tee yesterday restored my faith in geekmanity. And geekwomanity.


That’s the spirit! : )

It’s my pleasure to be one of those 117 people, but damn it, this number is as disappointing to me as when I went to the trilogy marathon last week and the theater was less than half full. THEY’RE SUCH GOOD MOVIES! EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE! PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TURNED AWAY AND COME BACK TO BURN DOWN THE THEATER IN REVENGE AFTER HOURS.

I mean, if you’re happy, I’m happy, and soon I’ll have two shirts to prove it.

This shirt has been on my mind since the shirt-off, where I hesitated to buy it because I already have too many black shirts. In the end, my resistance was futile. Good work.

MORE PURPLE! Love it, purple needs to become a static color.

i want Ahhhdorable but in a hoodie :frowning:

Glad to see a Louis Roskosch design here \o/


This t-shirt is better than any other “Cornetto Trilogy” T-shirt