New Designs from the Slow Moving Shirtstorm

Not having the Bob the Bodybuilder or forklift design on a sleeveless shirt is a terrible missed opportunity. I’d buy 2.

coupon code LAZY20 for buttz tshirt doesn’t work, canceled my order.

So have any of the other artists with designs in this event not get an email with the comp coupon code yet?

The sale ends tomorrow and usually it comes in a timely fashion.

You have to have at least $20 from Shirt.Woot (pretax/shipping) for the coupon to work.

I have not gotten one either :confused:

Oh jeez. Have you emailed anyone yet?

What email should I write to? Typically no one responds for days if at all…

I wasn’t sure if there was someone you guys contacted about this kinda stuff. Doesn’t sound like it, I’ll check with the guys.

I never got an email/coupon code from the Cyrptozoology derby either :frowning:

Mike’s looking into this; we should hear back on what the deal is soon. I’m really sorry for the trouble!

Awesome! Thank you!

I’ve asked to have the coupon extended through today for this sale, but haven’t heard back yet.
If that doesn’t happen, we’ll work with CS to get a coupon for the artists in this sale first thing monday.
Sorry for the over site on this one.

Ordered this shirt for my kid and another for my wife at the same time. My wife’s just got here (Vincent Van Groot) but my son’s (this one) is still sitting at Preparing For Shipment.

What’s up with that?

Hrmmm. If you haven’t yet, you might email with your situation and order info; CS can check into what’s happening.

From the event page: “Shipping Information! We’ll slovenly start shipping stuff on 1/14”.

V.V.G. is preprinted/in stock, hence that was able ship out quickly.

Thanks Narf, I have no idea how I missed that. I’ll give it a couple days to see if it changes.