New Designs: Galactic Battles

I must say, this is the best plus sale, ever. There are 6 I would definitely wear, but I can’t afford that many and my girlfriend would probably kill me. The other 4 are still awesome.

Now I have to eliminate 3 more. UGH!

Momma wants!

I want them aaallllll.

Damn it.

Laser Safety and Building an Empire are my favorites (Han Solo Cold Blooded a close third). I told myself I wouldn’t get another T-Shirt (I have way too many already), but I think I’m about to cave on Laser Safety.

The product page says ships 8/20, but my order shipped on 8/14…what’s up with that?

It’s possible we just generated the label and haven’t actually sent it YET, but sending it ahead of time should be good, I hope!

I only received the two other shirts I ordered. The one said to be shipped on 8/20 wasn’t in the package. Hopefully it will still be sent, even though my account shows the order completed with tracking.

Ohhh! Gotcha, yes, our system blows for showing you what should come in what package. It’s very probable you get a new tracking number on or around the 20th for your final tee. I apologize for the confusion.