New Designs: Halloween

If they ship by 10/17 to a continental US address do you think that it will arrive in time for Halloween?

Wow there are a lot of shirts in this batch of honorable mentions. Normally it’s only nine or so shirts?

I wish the bite was on almost any color but Black… I have white cats :frowning:

Ooh, Monster City glows in the dark now!!! And I missed seeing the fun Ride The Raven during the Derby.

Ride the Raven is outstanding, so many good tees in this selection, but my Halloween bucks go to The Bite.

(And thanks for the HM woot!)

Thanks a lot Woot!

Sad to see odysseyroc’s Emoticorns missing from the list.

Thanks for printing my poorly pumpkin!!

For those of us who live in the northern states, where short sleeve shirts are boxed up and put in the attic long before Halloween gets here, long sleeve (including sweatshirts and hoodies) versions of Halloween attire would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve just noticed that the sale stats for “I feel sick” aren’t showing up… does that mean it’s broken or that I haven’t sold any yet?

Yes, yes, yes! It’s gets chilly on a dark October night among the tombstones.

Thanks so much for the HM woot- this is likely my favorite design I’ve made, so I’m extra excited to see it print- :wink:

Awesome selection here- I’m going to stew on which one(s) to grab!

It looks like it hasn’t sold any yet, which seems weird to me because I really do like that tee, but that’s what our system says!

Thought so! Just checking. I will buy myself one to feel better hehe :slight_smile:

I’m pretty disappointed that Emoticorns didn’t make the cut. I’m hoping it was some sort of mistake and it becomes a late addition.


I like the periodic table - Plaid Pants, actually plaid in general, scares me.

However, “Palor” is spelled wrong - it should be Pallor. Palor is a language. Pallor is being pale.

Thanks for printing my candicorn, woot!

I also thought we would see Emoticorns today. It would have been the perfect shirt to wear to school on Halloween.

I love that scaregyle. I may have to buy it.

for the record, “Zombie Protest” is a collab with 6amcrisis