New Designs: Halloween

I really like some of these, but i wish they were offered in hoodies, it’s fall, too cold for tees.

Yeah, but have you ever heard palor being spoken? It scares the hell out of me.

I emailed Travis about this a couple of days ago, but never heard back. I’m a little frustrated that I was asked for my art a couple of times and didn’t get a print. Obviously it’s pretty late in the game for anything really to be done, but I’d like some sort of explanation at why mine was excluded. Travis, if you see this, please shoot me an email.

I forwarded this along to Travis, just to be sure he sees it.

Hey Odyssey, we don’t see the print file for this. Can you confirm you sent to derby@woot? What was the file size?

I sent it in, got an email from Audrey on friday that she couldn’t find it and could I send it again. I resent within minutes and never heard back, so I figured all was good. It was a 20mb file. I didn’t get an undeliverable message back or anything.

I usually don’t like to bring this kind of stuff to the forums, but it’s really been eating me up, because this is one of the best designs I’ve submitted.

Thanks for sorting that out for me and getting “Emoticorns” added to the sale. I subbed it on asphalt (edit: I just noticed the print file had a black bg) , but at this point I’m just happy that it’s for sale.

That is great news, congrats on the print!

Grats Roc! Well-deserved print! Sorry you had a snafu. Hope it doesn’t hurt your sales.

so pleased to see Emoticorns is available now. ordered that and some salted caramels…tis the season

I would love some of these as totes. Especially the Pumpkin King. Would make great trick or treat bags if we could get them in time

I hope Alien Landscape gets added to the catalog, because I forgot to buy it in time. cries

They usually do within the week. I’ll be checking back in too since I just realized I never checked out with The Bite :’(

I’ll be watching! I keep shirts I’ve missed in my cart so I can check to see if they make it into the catalog… I was surprised/dismayed that the World of Wootcrap shirts stuck around but the sweet employee designs did not. I’m down a shirt size since the summer, why can’t I festoon my ever-shrinking bosom with your artisanal banana shirt??

Pfffhaha, it ends up looking not ideal digitally printed. I’d love to see it screen printed, but every time I bring it up with Travis, he gets very… dismissive. Anyway, popped back in to let you know I was able to buy The Bite this morning, you should be able to get yours too now!

Some Wooters feel that way about all DTG prints …

FWIW, I’m okay with it so long as the colors are at least close … which on more than one occasion, were not. The bigger issue I have are the mutant blanks …

Umm when are these shipping out with expedited shipping? Because mine are still just hanging around.


Thanks, I give up, it’s been a rough day. Upon further investigation, meaning I scrolled down the screen I came upon:

Your new shirt will ship on or after 10/17 … OR DO THEY?! DUN DUN DUUUUN.