New Designs: Literary Classics as Video Games

This definitely wasn’t one of my favorite derbys.

no Hamlet?! ;(

What happened to the preview image on “Aesop Kart”? Is it going to print like that?

Shweeeetttt! Thanks Woot for the print! :slight_smile:

I’ve started looking forward to these sales more than the derby winners. This is where my favorite designs usually end up.

Eek yeah, the lineart is kinda fussed on it. Wonder what happened. o.o;

Perhaps there was a problem with the print file. I admit I’m surprised to not see that one here, though.

They were going so fast they broke the lineart barrier.

Thanks for the HM and congrats to everyone! A fine selection this week. Is it possible to add Odysseyroc’s catalog link to our collab? :slight_smile:

Thanks Woot!!

kevlar51 and his trademark sarcasm.

Fixed! Looking at Fablefire’s design now…

Fable, looks like the print-art sent to production is clean, I think it was just an error in moving the art over to the sales images. I’ll get it updated.

Ooh - a BBC’s Merlin reference is a very, very rare thing. Have not seen that dragon emblem in a good long time. Great shirt.

I’m honestly shocked the Hamlet one didn’t make it o.o

To all the winners and HMs though, GG evry1, GG.

Thank you! <3

The Aesop Kart is soo CUTE…I love it…

Another great shirt Fablefire, this will make your fourth design hanging out in my shirt drawer.


IS it me, or does the Rabbit Hole one bear a stronger resemblance to Binding of Issac than Tetris?

I never thought I’d see a Pikmin shirt on here.