New Designs: Needlework

Looks like another HM sale without a single new artist. I’ll make an exception to this statement, for kellabell, with very few prints.

By the way, great work kellabell and congratulations on 3 new prints, this week.

Thank you so much!!! I’m honored to get picked by the community and staff here :slight_smile:

So pleased that I love craft was picked, gonna wear it to craft shows! :slight_smile:

dang! Where is the voodoo shirt :frowning: I wanted that shirt!

When are artists notified if their design has been chosen as a HM? Is it on Friday once first place has been chosen or not until Sunday/Monday?

I actually got a request for my final artwork on Wednesday via email letting me know that I might be in the running for an HM - but I don’t know when the final decision was actually made to include me. I guess they talk about it during the week, narrow down the possibilities and request final artwork (if the artists didn’t already send it in). Then they probably make a final decision on Friday for the HM’s scheduled for Monday. That would be my guess. I hope I didn’t just give away any trade secrets…

PS Thank you so much woot for the HM.

Gratz to everyone here, all good designs! Still, my personal favorite from this derby was Thinkin of You by Flattop Frank, and that’s twice in a row that’s he’s fogged and was not HMed. Not only that, but twice in a row that his design was the ONLY one in the fog not HMed. Feels like a snub.

Me too. So sad to not see it here.

I was happy to see this one included as well. Thanks woot!

Me three!

Congrats to those who got their shirt up for sale! Anyone know what those in the field of Art call the method of drawing that’s showcased on Stringiform? For curiosity sake’s.

Congrats to all the HMs!

Bummed that neither of the Arya shirts made it >.< But that’s the luck of the draw with these HMs. I’m sure if any other group was asked to just pick their favorites based solely on their love of the design, there would be just as many complaints.

String art. :^)

Congrats on these sweet HM shirts, guys.

Fourthed! Thinkin of You deserves to be printed!!!

I would like to truly congratulate all who received a HM.

I will follow by saying I’m dumbfounded. I’m just as confused as some of you are. I’ve sent three emails in the past few weeks concerning my print files. Mainly because I’ve updated all of my software and I want to make sure that my files have transferred correctly. I have yet to receive a response… Thank you, sonofafish, rachelor, remo28, shortmam & theco2 !!!

Thank you so much… This came in while I was typing whats above^. Truly appreciated !!!

No kidding. I am bummed. “No VooDoo 4 U”.

It most definitely is a snub. Typical behaviour of someone who lets a little power go to their head, they become a very negative asset to the business. It shows in the number of good artists who have left the derby and in the dwindling number of votes each week. Sadly, things will not change until the current people in charge are replaced.

Whenever someone creates a sock puppet account to say something, it always takes some credibility out of whatever they are saying. It reeks of passive aggressive anonymous notes and gossip, rather than a legitimate concern or issue.