New Designs: Pop Culture Mash-Ups-woot

The beyond the wall shirt made me chuckle. Kudos

I wonder how many folks will misinterpret the rabbit with pointy teeth to be Rabbity Rabbit from South Park?

How badly do I want A Little Bunny With Big Pointy Teeth? A LOT. Look at my username. This shirt is GOLD.

I can’t wear Anvil.

I’m going to go cry in a corner and pick my teeth with the bones of my victims now.

I would play Mega Wars any day!

What’s wrong with Anvil?

Woot USED to have really great quality shirts. I have some …even my first ones from 5 years ago, that still wear well and haven’t faded or ripped. The newer shirts are too poly and the neck is a LOT bigger than the old shirts. I can not buy any more of these until this changes. I just got three of the recent July 4th series. I like a tighter neck, these truly suck in that department. Listen up Woot! Please?
I seem to think that Anvil is actually the shirt that I prefer. Bet it is fiber content.