New Designs: Rainbows and Spectrums

How is it, almost all of the shirts here are better than the 3 that won?

2nd place seemed the best, then these. The other two were good but not super great. Just opinion. Haha.

Colors Ablaze was my favorite.

Thanks Woot!

Thanks for the HM, woot!

(I feel like this is my most frequent comments these days… c’est la vie.)

Great choices, woot! Congrats on what looks like your first print, brosteph!!!

Official t-shirt of gaymers everywhere

Just wondering what warrants a design to be put on this list after a derby, because they certainly aren’t the top 10 after the top 3?

The honorable mentions are chosen by the shirt.woot team. Sometimes they’re the ones in the fog (the most votes), sometimes they’re just ones individual shirt.woot team members like best or think will sell best. It’s an opportunity for newer artists without a large following and/or artists who may have submitted later and didn’t get a lot of votes to get printed! Yay HMs!

Thanks for that. BTW love your design.

Do you get anything for being on the honourable mentions list?

You get paid $$$. :slight_smile:

It’s crazy that this statement is still true, based on the vote totals now compared to a couple years ago. Were there really THAT many casual derby voters back then, or have the fans/followers of artists that still print here gone away as well?

These winning vote totals would have been WAY down the line back then, wondering if the winners would have even all made HM’s. Just reminiscing about the past, lol. Ah, memories.

There are a multitude of reasons for the diminished participation these days, many of which have been covered in other threads.

Thank you! Yes, it’s my first print! WOOO! Thanks, Woot!

I’m so thrilled with some of these HMs <3333 I love a couple of the derby wins, but some of these designs are definitely well-worth the print!

Congrats to all the winners!

Rainbows = unicorn farts?! Well, pull my tail! Love the design, walmazan!

Many thanks for my HM as well :slight_smile: