New Designs: Specialty Ink

:confused: Here, just take all my money, why don’t you.

Exactly. Have budgetary constraints but still needed 6 of the glow in the dark shirts.


Nice to see this on the homepage. Nice choices woot! :wink:

You know what? I’m glad these aren’t on AA. I can’t afford to buy them all, anyway.

Very tempted to get the Lewis Carroll and BTTF ones.

What do these look like when the lights are on?

Click on the thumbnail, it shows multiple views

The Enochian shirt is disappointing. The letters are drawn very well but they don’t actually spell anything. I know I’m probably just nitpicking, but you don’t see this kind of thing very often so it’s unfortunate that the artist didn’t take follow through and actually spell something out.

It does spell out something. See here:

Thanks. I was looking at a couple of the metallic designs; they don’t change, but I finally noticed the little logo that says metallic. I’ve been using my phone, so it’s pretty small.

Will these shrink? I’m on the outskirts of L and XL. Everytime I buy a large it shrinks, but if I order an XL it never shrinks. I’d like to get XL and wash in hot and dry on high heat to get it to shrink a little. I’ve got 2 in my cart but won’t pull the trigger yet. Thanks.

Any chance any of these shirts will ever be reissued?

They may show up again in future Plus events but we can’t offer specialty inks in our catalog.