New Designs: Zip Hoodies & Three Colors on White

I wish I could buy more hoodies. The problem is that even extra large hoodies have arms that are way too short.

Where do you find what the ‘3 colors on white’ are? The site send you to a regular t-shirt and hoodie page - none of the ones shown are white. C’mon Woot

I am not sure I understand what you mean- several of the designs are on white tees- did you want just a plain white tee?

Are these men’s sizes? And is the Princess Bride one really a zip hoodie??

They are considered unisex but follow along with men’s sizes. And indeed, the Princess Bride one is a zip hoodie.

Thank you!!!

Are the hoods on the hoodies at all large? I find the standard hood unacceptably small. It would seem any time you see a hoodie in a movie they have these nice big hoods. Be this like that?

I would say they are “normal” not perhaps as MASSIVE as you’d like, but not too small that I can’t fit my big stupid head + over-the-ear headphones in them.