New doctor...

When your kid’s new doctor walks into the exam room and sees your newest T-Shirt and says “Cool! I loved that show! I wish they made more seasons!”.

Yup, we’re keeping him… :laughing:



I wore this one in a coffee shop this morning and a guy told me it was an awesome shirt:


I like people who can recognize good taste. :slight_smile:



I’ll probably be in the minority with this opinion but the show was canceled exactly when it should have been. I’m glad others still find joy in it though.

I agree, although I really wanted to see what happens between Mal and Inara. It’s waaaaay too late to make new ones now, unless they make a “were all old now” movie…

Well, after ~ 20 years maybe we could see what River Tam can do to Reavers when she has PMS
Pass the popcorn

In this scene she locked them …in with her. She performed altitudinal adjustments.
They became horizontal.

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