*NEW!* EBW Facebook.com Group

Hey all! pblgov and I decided to create a group (or more like a secret society!) on http://www.facebook.com for all the regular members to interact in. Facebook is a sort of social networking site that is much more structured, safe and controllable than the dreaded MySpace. By joining the group and setting up profiles, we will have a closed environment to share pictures, events, details, private messages and more in. We’re also going to limit the members to the “good” folks. No random WoW trolls or spammers from the product threads.

I will be creating a sig link that we can each use on the forum which will allow registered and authorized members to view your profile on Facebook with as little or as much information as you want to share. This is sort of like reinstating the profile feature that Woot used to have. Go to http://www.facebook.com to set up a profile, then PM either pblgov or myself for more information on getting hooked up.

As a word of warning, Facebook may require you to use your real name as opposed to a screen name. Folks like Zilla, pblgov and myself are ok with that, but I know some are probably not. However, like I said, Facebook is a fairly safe environment and if I can see your name, you can see mine. Heck, I even have my cell phone number on there. Still, random people cannot get into your details, only those who you authorize. It’s really no worse than having yourself listed in the phone book.

Also, the first thing you may want to do is check out the “privacy” link on the top right of Facebook when you log in. There are extensive settings there that allow many customizable options for who can see your information. You can also block info from individual users if you’d like.

Something else for me to check?
Isn’t facebook only for college kids?

That’s the way it started out, but not anymore. You can register as part of a workplace or region I think. I got in awhile ago as a college student, so ask pblgov and Zilla how they did it.

you don’t have to be in college these days - I’m not and I joined about 2-3 months ago

aah! scary!

Bubbas! We found the Bubbas!!

i’m in. I def like the layout on Facebok a lot more then Myspace.

I would also say that it is A LOT easier to control.

you do know that there are a couple of Woot groups already on there right? Just none that you need to be invited to. Anyone can join them.

We saw them. In my opinion, most of them are pretty crappy and just extensions of the product threads, whining about BO**Cs and monkeys… Hopefully this will be more structured and exclusive.

EDIT: I’ll invite you… I’m just figuring this out. It seems you can’t invite someone to a group without being friends with them first.

yeah, but that might make this community a little more friendly. But might make it weird for some people to join in fear of having to much info out on the web.

to bad we can’t make Woot its own network.

Yea, I thought of that but haven’t checked it out 'cause I don’t think it’s possible to network outside of region or company you work for. Anyway, I’ll take the fall and add everyone as a friend, then once they’re in the group and can see one another, they can decide who they want to befriend.

Make up a generic Mr. WOOT and get a gmail account to verify. You can easily do that I am sure.

you don’t have to be part of any network to do that. Make that guy the “fall” guy to accept all the wooters.

if you only knew the group name… lol

Well tell us!

This sounds kind of interesting.
Keep me up to date about it, k?

join and you will find out

ha! okay let me get home first! filters here no likey facebook!

no problem
i’ll pm you my facebook info

OK, I joined facebook. Now what?

pm with my info in 1 minute