New Email Address for Artist Support!

Hey there, artists! We’ve got a brand new email address for you to communicate with us! Huzzah! (It’s okay… you don’t have to hold all that excitement in. Just let it rip!)

While you’re celebrating: here is the new address, along with some other handy-dandy emails you can use to get shirt done!

NEW Email: ArtistSupport(at)

Please use this email for questions directed to the Shirt team, rather than their individual email addresses (i.e.- MrSparklePants(at) We don’t want your questions to get stuck in limbo if we’re out of the office, or slow, or off fending off dragons or something.


Please continue using this address for derby submissions or questions (and while we’re at it, PLEASE remember to send your art files to us when you submit!)


This is the address you can email for anything regarding your royalty payments (like monthly breakdowns, missing or inaccurate payments, or updated payment forms).
NOTE: Because this address goes directly to our Artist Payments team, we recommend that you ALSO “cc” the Shirt team (via artistsupport(at) in your emails, so that we can also be aware of your inquiry and work with them to quickly handle any issues.

DISCONTINUE: artists(at)

This old relic of an email address has been around for so long that we’re pretty sure every bot on the internet has had it’s way with it at least once and it has become a veritable black hole of spam. This has made it increasingly difficult to unbury your legitimate emails. We will continue monitoring this inbox for the time being, but ask that you begin reaching out to us via our new, sparkly-and-spam-free ArtistSupport(at) address. Happy emailing!

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