New Entourage Edge Pocket Dual Book setup...HELP

Just bought the Pocket book post store closure. Need to know three things:

  1. How to get past the registration process;
  2. How to upgrade the OS from 1.6 to 2.2.1;
  3. How to root the Entourage Edge Pocket Dual Book.
    I’m not computer/tech savvy. I’d REALLY appreciate a computer savvy’s G2 on this. Thnx a bunch in advance! (My email is [mod: do not post your email - use PM, thanks] if it doesn’t show up. I’m new to this site.)

Someone posted some helpful links in the original thread. Check here:

Also, it’s a bad idea to post your email “in the clear” on a public forum.

Thank you!!! Now I’ve got what I need to get past the registration and a torrent to upgrade and downgrade back to 1.6. And thnx for the ‘advice’ re: email. You’re very sagacious! s//

J5 is sagacious? She never told us that!

She’s a he. :tongue: