New, from Entropy Records

Put a bird on it!



Ooh, they get free plugs:


My eyes aren’t that good - what’s the image that makes up the record label?

What do frisbees have to do with music?

Oh, it’s a record you say? What’s that, a new download engine for my MP3s?

You might want to explain to DBH why a shirt in the running at their contest is now here, since this is far and away out of your print jurisdiction.

Not that I don’t love to see it here. Simply that, by just randomly selecting designs, you are potentially violating other site’s protocols if the artists decided to place their pieces on those other sites after losing (twice in this case) to the inferior dreck that prints in derbies.

The more you know ~~~~~~~*

I get it! VINE-yl. Very clever. Terrified of spiders though so this is gonna be a tough call.

This was one of those derbies that inspired a lot more art and a lot less humor, in my opinion. Glad to see this one making a surprise return visit.

Cool how it looks like vinyl and an unraveling tape.

Uh oh… thunder in paradise. (Enter Hulk Hogan)

If Disney remade the movie The Ring, it might look something like this shirt.

Really like the organic theme, seems like it could have been more of a cohesive image without the bird and spider though. On the fence on this one.

I feel like good color is often overlooked by the T-shirt buying audience. Littleclyde really chose the perfect colors for this shirt, and I think deserves credit for that difficult (and underrated) design decision.

On my Xoom screen it looks like a moonlit canoe ride.

Edit: Now that I’m on my laptop, that’s clearly just wood grain.

When Woot contacted me about running the design(since it was out of their 60 day contract), I asked DBH if they would consider removing this from their contest(where it had run for about 3 days) and releasing it from their 120 hold so it could be printed here. They were super understanding and nice about it, so everything on all sides is on the up and up. So no worries, just enjoy the design!

If it weren’t for the spider, I’d buy this. How about a “cute” free redo in the future? I can hardly listen to Bear’s Choice anymore because those damn dancing bears became “cute” and near omnipresent. It’s too bad because Owsley chose well.

Thank goodness! It was so difficult seeing this shirt come so close to printing twice (4th in it’s original derby and 5th in the double take) without being able to purchase… Now it is mine… Thanks Woot, thank you so much!

Glad to hear that the companies were cooperative in the process. Congrats!