(NEW) Garmin Venu SQ Music GPS Smartwatch

(NEW) Garmin Venu SQ Music GPS Smartwatch

Anyone have experience with this vs. the Fitbit Versa series? Seems similar in a lot of features. My Fitbit is nearing death (screen was already replaced under extended warranty, button stopped working), just wondering what my options are.

I have the non-music version of this watch (same thing just no on board storage) and I prefer it over the versa 3/ sense.

Pros: comfortable, lightweight watch with pretty good health metrics (better than Fitbit for me) and really good battery life. Relatively customizable (on par with Fitbit) and good notification support (at least on Android).

Cons: Screen is worse than the equivalent Fitbit when compared side by side. It doesn’t bother me in use but it is a real thing. It is also harder to dismiss a notification on your phone from the Garmin. You either need to swipe up and pick dismiss (which is fiddly) or tap on the notification and swipe down from the top (which is what I do, but it wasn’t even obvious that was an option). On the Versa swiping away dismissed the notification from the watch and the phone as you would expect. There are a lot of watch faces for Garmin, but almost all of the Garmin watches are round so most of the faces are as well. This results in relatively few faces that work well on a square face. Fitbit, by comparison, only makes square watches so it is much easier to find a nice face.

Overall the versa line and the Venu SQ line are very comparable enough so that either one is good. I went back and forth and ended up keeping the Garmin because I just liked it better.

If you are looking for a deal this is a really good one. If this deal was going on when I bought my watch I would have jumped on it. That being said, if you are unsure I would buy from somewhere you can return it. Also there is a Venu SQ 2 that looks pretty nice that is probably worth a look.