(NEW) Google Pixel 4 (64GB) (Fully Unlocked)

(NEW) Google Pixel 4 (64GB) (Fully Unlocked)


If you buy a NEW Google phone from Woot, Google will NOT honor the warranty.

I bought a new Pixel 4 from Woot in August for my daughter… We received it on August 29, and activated it sometime in the first week of September. By the end of September, the display began to have small problems, and I told my daughter not to worry because it had a full warranty.

The display problems got worse and worse and finally, I contacted Google about getting a warranty repair. I opened a ticket and they went thru the troubleshooting, and then finally they asked me where I bought it and to provide a receipt with the IMEI.

I pulled up the Woot receipt – no IMEI. I go back to Google and tell them – then we cannot validate the warranty. (click!)

I went back and forth with them over the course of a week. Below you can see their final response(s).

Fortunately, Woot has offered to give me a full refund now (THANK YOU), and I am NOT calling out Woot here – they sold a brand new phone to me, and no one probably expected Google to act like this. Google can see when the phone was first activated (they even told me they could) so they know it was new. They just don;'t want to pay for the repair.

This is a CAVEAT EMPTOR. If you buy a “new” Google phone from Woot, and you need warranty repair, it is very likely you will be “SOL”