(NEW) Google Pixel 7 - 5G Android Phone (128GB) (Unlocked)

(NEW) Google Pixel 7 - 5G Android Phone (128GB) (Unlocked)

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Don’t know what the difference is between this and the pro, but Slickdeals posted a deal for $389

Mint Mobile: 128GB Google Pixel 7 Pro Locked Smartphone + 12-Month 5GB Plan

The phone is locked to Mint Mobile for 12 months, but you get a year included.

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Thanks for the specs link. I am not buying, but just putting it out there for those who might…& thanks for keeping the link up from SD competition and all.

I see SD posting woot deals there & it always makes me chuckle. :wink:

Other links are welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

(The only thing which I’ll add, is that the Mint Mobile link requires you to use their service for a year, which you mentioned. For somebody who wants to swap between phones without changing their plan, that wouldn’t really help, though then again, in that case, they’re not the intended market.)

@styflan Thanks for sharing this deal. I would’ve missed it certainly
@styflan @Froodyfrog I talked to mint mobile. Even though the phone is locked, you can unlock it anytime for free(even within the first year).
The only thorn I see in this deal is a number to port, which I had it luckily.
So for $430(inl. all tax), you’re getting 12months of service with 5GB data/month which alone can be valued at the least $100

You’re welcome. Glad to hear someone took advantage. And thank you too because the info you posted might help someone else make a decision about purchasing.

Don’t worry Woot I still love you & will keep giving you my patronage :wink:

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The Mint Mobile service is ridiculously expensive compared to TMO.

Did anyone who placed an order for this around Black Friday receive a shipping confirmation yet? My order’s status is stuck at ‘Preparing for Shipment’ for the last 4 days.