New Here!


Good Morning,

Just joined here though I have been watching for a while. SIL clued me into this site around Christmas and I’ve been watching since. He tells me that the famous “Bag of Crap” is one of the best buys but I haven’t had an opportunity to find out yet. Have seen a few interesting Woots! but nothing I need. DW thought about having me order the bagel toaster/slicers the other day as gifts but we had no idea what to do with the kittens :0). Alot of the electronic gizmos offered are of no interest to me as I have no idea how to use many of them. Will keep checking in and see what developes.

Happy Shopping, TurnKey9041



I finally am posting. Bought the random bag of crap, i.e., calendars.


Hmmmm? Thanks for the input.


heh, welcome, and hope you hang out with us.
Bag o Crap, otherwise known as B - O -C, with acronyms, is an elusive beast.
Last one was Christmas eve…generally they show up every few months.
Unexpected, highly prized, and greatly sought after.
They cause lotsa server errors and mass frustration among wooters.
If you want to see what people got in them, go to the product forums and check under the “Random Crap” area.
if you want to just play in the forums and chat, lol…
the place to go is postwhores.


PWA with acemom - our hostess with the mostest!!! [;)]


Hmmm . . . still me . . . that’s prolly a bad thing . . .


Finding out your brother wears your sister’s underwear, that’s a bad thing. You, AZG, on the other hand, aren’t so bad.


To quote acemom, “<shudder>”