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I guys!


Hi, there!

Most of us regulars like to chat in PWA or Yammer; feel free to jump in and join us any time!

I’ll let the others ask the nosey questions about you!!! :tongue:


Hi new person!

Wow, no body has derailed this thread yet, that’s like a record or something.

Howdy new person AKA white box. How are you today???

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Love the BLAKE!!!

hey diana ross! i loved the supremes!

she really was the star… who were the other ones anyways

pooflady and dontwantaname, i think.

How did you know I was a backup singer in the 60’s?

bubba knows.

im also new here, i have a question, the FAQ says: “you can still only place one order per day, for a total of three shirts”
does that mean that when i want 4shirts from reckoning section, i have to do 4orders, pay 4x the shipping costs, and make 1orders/day, so the ordering will take 4days?
or did i understand that wrong.
thank you


You can order all four shirts in one day. You can’t combine all four shirts into a single order. Shipping is only charged if you want them overnight or they have to go international. If the latter, then yes, unfortunately, that means you’re paying $5/shirt.

You can only order the shirt-of-the-day (the one featured on the main shirt page) once during its featured day (when it’s $10). If you want more than three, then you have to wait until it’s on the reckoning (or, uhh, ask a friend or family member to open an account and buy more for you). All shirts on the reckoning–so all shirts at $15–can be purchased as many times a day as you like, for a max of 3 of any design per order.
So if you want to buy four shirts from the reckoning, each shirt design does have to be its own order (for a max of 3 per), but you can buy them all the same day and multiple times.
Also, if you’re purchasing from within the U.S. then you don’t have to pay shipping costs. The $5 shipping is only for overnight orders within the U.S. If you’re purchasing from outside the U.S., though? Well, eep! Sorry, but that $5 shipping is required and just can’t be combined.

Edit: Heh, basically what Mavyn said much less pleonastically.

thank you Mavyn for your response,
the order would be international, so now i have a dilemma if to order those cool shirts from reckoning section, or to be patient and wait for more cool shirts in the future :slight_smile: but this one i have to resolve by myself… thanks again

Or, find a chum in the US, have the shirts sent there, and then have them repackage and ship them to you. Not sure which would be cheaper, all the international shipping I’ve done has been sent priority and was way more than $20.

edit: goldenthorn, your words inspire and amuse. You’re a total babe, and if I was in to that kind of thing, I’d totally hit on you.