(NEW) HORI Wireless Nintendo Pro Controller - Zelda Edition

(NEW) HORI Wireless Nintendo Pro Controller - Zelda Edition

Would this work with a pc like a regular xbox controller?

Very nearly but not quite like one, similarly enough as to be indistinguishable during setup over Bluetooth

Anyone know if these have rumble/vibration?

Will this work with my homemade submarine?


(Does not include HD Rumble, NFC, or IR camera.)

Here is a better description from Nintendo store page


Is the USB port only for charging? (I’m hoping it can be used as a wired connection)

Hi there. Only for charging. We’ve attached the manual to the features.


The manual WOOT attached in Specs section states in the Platform section that it is NOT PC compatible


Well, shoot. If that cord is only for charging I may as well just stick to my ps4 controller and use the adapter for the Switch

Ended up buying two for my (both under 10yo) kids so I’d have some cheaper wireless controllers for them to use. They require pressing a separate button to pair and the usb-c can’t be used to pair the controllers (by plugging them directly into the Switch, as you would do with the Pro controller). Reviews on the mothership aren’t super encouraging re: longevity. I agree that the controllers are on the bigger side although my kids haven’t complained yet. Otherwise, they seem OK to me for now and it’s nice to have gyro controls for things like mario kart.

I think I’d recommend picking up something else like an xbox style controller if I wanted a controller for a PC.

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