New Hotness


New Hotness

New Hotness


I wanted to be a little bit coy here, so I went with a word that has lots of regional meanings, including some racy ones.

like this
or this HBXLogo_horizontalfalme (my favorite local joint)
or this kind of joint places-to-hot-box-it-up-hotbox-article
or this one hb_cans_1-620x349
or this

or one of several more I could post if there was room.


Not sure if woot can print a shirt with a trademarked company name (I am not a lawyer so I might very well be wrong).


I wondered that a little bit, but looked into Fair Use and some of the discussions on Parody, and I think this should be OK. Woot has shirts with trademarked logos in them ( like this one or this one ). I think that the parody has to be obvious, but then it should be OK.


Like I said, I do not really know the line, so just giving a heads-up. There is a difference between printing a shirt that literally says Starbucks and one that says FiveBucks, but there may be (probably is) a parody here that I do not get.


Where did it go?


I guess it was returned to the kiosk?