New ink on shirts?

Hey all, sorry if this has been covered already…I have purchased eight shirts since March, wondering if sometime between now and then you switched the type of inks you use? The first two shirts I bought were as usual. The next six have weird, rubbery, kind of sticky ink that does not do well in the wash. I don’t even have an agitator in my washing machine and still they don’t look like they’ll last long. Even the ones that don’t start out with the “vintage” look (bits of surface left blank) are going to be looking like that before too long. And the sticky surface is a bit of a lint magnet too.

What’s up? Is it a permanent change? Just a test? I’m so loving the Canvas shirts, but the new ink is not a hit :frowning: .

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Hi there. We’re not aware of any changes. We’re digging in deeper though.