(NEW) JBL Live Free NC+ ANC Earbuds w/Wireless Charging

Not a Deal!! Woot must have a large supply of this because it’s been for sale at $35 since Nov 2022.

Sound quality is good for $35 but it doesn’t fit well in my ear and feels bulky.
I’m happy at $35 but wouldn’t be at $55


The first pair I bought I paid $35, then I paid $39, now they’re $49??? They were worth $35. They are not worth $49.


Quit gaslighting the headphones. They know their worth. :love_you_gesture:


Hey. At least you’re honest about it.


You need to change the eartips to some harder ones. I use JVC spiral dots to yield a secure fit.

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Why did you order if you plan to refuse package?

Trivia for the day - brand collector Harman owns JBL, AKG, Infinity, Harman Kardon, Crown, and Martin Levinson, amongst others.

While I cannot speak from recent experience for all these brands, the first two, at least for ear speakers in several varieties, have very much shilled out their legacies so you have to be careful when buying. MSRPs, for Harman, tend to be even less useful as reference points than other brands.

Then several years ago, Samsung bought Harman. What this means: don’t be expecting an Android/Google environment company to focus outside the Google world. That would also explain why one cannot count on JBL portable speakers to support Alexa, even when they do support Google Assistant/Home.