(NEW) JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone

(NEW) JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone

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If you’re on the fence about this, get it.

I bought it when it first came out from their site and it’s my main for gaming and everything else.

Get it!


Got one here for the built-in volume control. Didn’t really have a lot of volume at the top setting. Still using the $16 ones I got here.


It works great, I got it last sale. Coworkers love it. I got a chaeapo $15 boom that clamps to my desk. comes w/ a 5/8 adapter, screws right on, now I’m not knocking the mic off the desk lol. Extends between my two monitors and I just talk at the screen. I did have to toss the USB cable as it was junk. I have many extra, so no big deal.


Yuck Yuck Yuck… got it based on reviews and thought it was a good deal… Now I have a paperweight. When I talk it’s just static. I’ve changed cords, messed with gain… everything… and it doesn’t work for me.

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It could be a dud, but could also just be windows not selecting it as an input. This would happen if you also connected another device afterwards which has a mic (like earbuds/headphones). I think it always sets the most recent mic to be plugged in as the default microphone. Even programs like discord have setting to select input device, by default they usually just use the defaults configured in your OS settings.

How to check:

Right click the speaker icon at the bottom right on your desktop’s taskbar.

Select sound settings

In the window that pops up, there should be a list under “Input”, verify that the Jlab mic is chosen as the input device. Where it says “Choose a device for speaking or recording”

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