New Kid In Town

Grats Seed!!! This was a funny idea for this week.


woot ! bought one !

first time i’m the first sucker.

never shirtwooted b4… they decent quality shirts? and prints or… weak after a wash or two
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

When you get the shirt, why not showcase it by posting a pic here?

Yippee!! Got my 2 shirts. I loved this shirt the first time I saw it in the message boards and had so hoped it would win so I could get a couple! Great design Seed!

I’m happy with all mine, and I’m picky. They’re good quality I’d say. =)

great shirts imo

I think this shirt is delightful, I’ll take it! Well done sir.

I have been buying woot shirts for close to a year and even the first one I ordered is still in great shape. I wash inside out, cold, dry low heat on all my graphic shirts, and they all treat me well.

Hehehehahahaha! This is great!

thanks :smiley: im buying

very good quality IMO.
only problem i have is that the sizes are not always the same.
one of my XL shirts is kinda much bigger than my other 3

best description ever


Style rip-off? I dunno, looks pretty close to me

Great job Seed. Bonus points for not using a dark colour on brown!

Me too, take care of your shirts and they will… well they won’t take care of you, but they will look good for a long time… :slight_smile:
Still lol at a little hoarse… hehe
Congrats SeedUvPain!!

The shirts are good quality. I’ve got several I’ve been wearing pretty regularly for over a year.

Really? The ears are different, the eyes are different, the teeth are different… matter of fact, the only thing I see that they have in common is being cartoon horses. I mean he drew two horses with expressions that are entirely readable… horses! You should be impressed… I am. Obviously, other people were as well.