New Knives On The Block

Hello Wooters,
Fiesta 6134M7R Multi-Color 11-Piece Cutlery Set Has a walnut block and NOT a oak one as pictured.

[MOD EDIT: Verified with vendor that the Fiesta 6134M7R Multi-Color 11-Piece Cutlery Set has OAK block included in offer]

Am I the only person who needs a set of knives, but doesn’t want to pay for a knife block? I don’t have a lot of counter space, and want to store knives under a cabinet

Hey Woot! Look up RADA knives! Made in Iowa and at prices you can proudly offer. Mothership has them.

magnetic butcher block. awesome design!

This one is pretty cool. I have a knife shelf I got from amazon that swings up and down. Love it.

Yes, I already have a nice set of knives, but now I want that block!

Currently, none of the 3 Fissler sets have item condition listed. Are they new, refurb, factory respiffed, returns/open box, seconds/b marked,…?

Strangely, all the cheaper sets I checked did have condition listed (new), but the expensive ones seem to omit that for some reason.

No condition and no response. Why? Is there a moderator?

I just received the 11-piece Fiesta multicolor set, and the knife block is definitely walnut finish, not oak. This is disappointing.

I received this set from Woot today, and it’s definitely walnut.