New! Lemon Tees & Classic Art Updates

Right for sure!

Huh … so it hasn’t even been 12 hours and my order seems to be lost already. 8 minutes in, I ordered @cherylfrancisOne Day, but it’s not registering on the sales map …

It better not be the precursor of losing my order …

I’ve noticed that with this sale, the PLUS page is in shirt.woot but when you click on a design it sends you to a regular woot page- First time this has happened as far as I know- ALSO- with my last plus sale shirt from the recent shirt storm, it had me having no sales for the first few days and then the sale reset and I had several on those missing days suddenly register- Don’t know what any of that means, but they may have some sales miscommunication going on with their pages.

Can the artists get a code to nab a sample tee?

They definitely should be, I’ll check in with Trav and make sure those go out.

THANK you! You’re my first sucker. Says so right there. lol…I noticed that too. I thought you asked for a refund! Again, thanks! And thank you, Woot for selecting my design. Hope we’re all not incinerated before orders are received. :slight_smile:

hmmm…I’m not very comfortable with that. I would really like to keep track of my sales, but I find it impossible to do having zero aptitude for math.

Do the maps even update in real time?

Should be close if they’re not. Have you tried refreshing?

yeah, I’m probably just seeing it go up overnight and thinking there’s lag.