New! Movie Poster Tees & Unpopular States

Doesn’t bode well for a state when you look at the shirt and you have to think for about 10 seconds before you figure out which one it is. Sorry South Dakota. This is coming from a someone with a minor in geography and has been a student of maps for 40 years now.

Wait, wait, wait. South Dakota is a STATE now??

When I saw “unpopular states”, I was hoping Nebraska would be on there. Score.

Well that’s just silly of you. The Missouri River split of South Dakota is one of the more recognizable geographic features of the upper midwest. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sure why Indiana is being affiliated with hooters lol…i get the OO in hoosies but meh…as an Indiana resident, this doesn’t compel me to buy this lol

I’m surprised it only took you 10 seconds. SD born and raised, but now escaped. Of course I’m in for one, but sad that the Corn Palace and Mount Rushmore/Wall Drug aren’t involved. That at least would minimize the number of ‘what the hell is that supposed to be?’ questions I’m sure to get while wearing this. Leave corn for the Nebraskans/Iowans and mining for who-the-hell-cares out west.

The black knight shirt should really be a tank. Cause you know… arms.

Ha, and I just moved from NYC to Nebraska. Is it really that bad?!