(NEW) Nintendo Switch OLED (Japanese Model)

(NEW) Nintendo Switch OLED (Japanese Model)


Japanese model



Is this wireless or only wired LAN?

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Just FYI in regards to any Nintendo warranty and service questions regarding this Japanese model in the U.S.
You’re welcome lol.

Can I get my system serviced under warranty in another country/region?

No, the limited warranty is applicable only within the country/region where the system was intended to be sold.

To ensure proper performance, service, and support, Nintendo recommends using the Nintendo Switch console in the country where it was purchased.


It can connect via Wi-Fi or ethernet port.


I got this model from woot a few weeks ago and it’s working great.


Is this model modifable to run a deep sea sub I’m making, have a almost empty propane tank at abandoned house next door, and a oscillating fan I got off Amazon last month, should work to propel it, and for steerage



Do you have any billionaires signed up yet?


Does she also come included with my purchase? For research purposes of course. cough

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animated adam sandler GIF

Too soon

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My friend has this model. I went over to his house to check it out. It got up and started yelling at me and telling me I need to eat. It made me some food that I didn’t know I wanted/needed. Later I found out that it wasn’t actually yelling, “it just sounds like it is” - his words, not mine. It was a fantastic experience.

Make sure to break it in the first 90 days as covered by the Woot warranty.


So there’s no issue with any of the charging or AC adapters expecting only 100 volts?

Just think of it as a 10% overclock.

Seriously though, the Japanese and North American models use the same power adapter, it’s 100-240V, 50-60 Hz.


The A button is back and the B button is Enter in this model which is swapped on all American remotes since day 1. Adjustable?

Seems to be a “Yes,” here:

Hope this helps.

I was wondering why that was! Certainly the games let you change it. I hadnt realized there might be a systemic way to change it too.

Oh that reminds me…bought one of these. Works great. No regrets. Would do it again.

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