New Oklahoma City NBA Name?


I’m thinking the Drills. Add your thoughts.


OKC Asshats.

I seriously hope that Howard Schultz gets the team back and sells to to loyal Seattle ownership. If he can’t, the sonics are going to be seriously hated everywhere for what Clayton Bennett did to Seattle.


chOKes. Okiedoo’s.

The state animal is a bison, so many the Bisons. Wait, that’s too close to the Bulls. They’ll find something suitably Oklahomian…


The Kevin Durants.

Wonder how those okies will feel about their team being led by a Longhorn…


Well, as the state license plate announces–Oklahoma is “Native America”

This is because so many Native Americans were forcibly relocated there. Is this one team that could get away with Braves? heh no no no no no no no no bad stlwooter for being so un-pc.

A plethora of choices:

State Animal: Bison
State Game Bird: Wild Turkey
State Furbearer Animal: Raccoon
State Reptile: Mountain Boomer
State Game Animal: Whitetail Deer
State Insect: Honeybee
State Flying Mammal: Mexican Freetail Bat
State Butterfly: Black Swallowtail
State Bird: Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
State Fish: White Bass


I thought the Arizona Phoenixes would have been ideal for the baseball team that located there. Poo.

Not so much with Oklahoma Citians.


They could follow Houston’s lead and go with the Oklahomans.


Oklahoma Panhandlers


heh heh.


Mr. Wooter,

I agree.

Good one, Gman!


Oklahoma City Shmonics.


The bombers?


Bennett bought the team, told Seattle the team would stay if they met a few of his requirements for remaining. They didn’t, he left. He did not lie, steal, cheat and he was upfront from the beginning. Besides, it is not like he walked away with the Spurs or something. If I was Seattle, I would thank him for giving them an opportunity to start over with a new team.


Oh. My bad. You learned me real good.