New people.

I don’t have time to find out about you new people, so post about yourself here.

Yeah, this will work.
Self interrogation.

Where the heck have you been?

Computer software engineering student. Canadian. Not quite 20 years old. Chinese. Male.

Relatively good derbier, but haven’t been printed yet. I also write poetry and prose.

I was recently murdered. no1 turned out to be the killer.

Anything else?

Wow that’s more than I knew about you!

Who’s the official question asking bubba anymore? D’name stopped when she became a mod. Poof hasn’t been doing it. Wasn’t 'selli doing this? I don’t even remember all the questions. . … I think it was like approximate age (by decade), gender, timezone. . … what else?

clearing throat
I believe D’name and I found most of this information out a few nights ago. Lives in Alberta. Doesn’t drink.

Where was I?

Ohh this was that night I wasn’t online this week, huh? DARN

Alberta? I went to Alberta for my honeymoon!!! I also went with the band, we played at a Stampeder’s game! They are my by far favorite Canadian Football team, most fun I’ve ever had at a football game, from what I remember of it.

Should add that I don’t drink by choice. I could if I wanted to because the legal age here is 18. Not that laws could stop the determined.

Mountain time, by the way.

Ever since Idaho raised the drinking age from 17 to 21 to comply with Federal standards the Canada run has been well known amongst high school students, along with their relatively lax carding practices. . . still it’s a smart choice. I seldom drink anymore myself.

Amazing how most of us cut down considerably as we get older. Don’t have the money. Don’t have the time. Don’t have the inclination. Don’t want to put up with the next morning.

Somehow as the big 21 approached (and since most all my friends are older than me - some significantly so) watching all the college kids get drunk lost it’s appeal. Not to mention that now I’ve got the nursing Mom bit.

Darn, guess that means we won’t get any info about stuff he doesn’t want us to know.

P.S. We miss you blue!

Do you know Linux? I can’t believe we finally got someone younger than me!

Hi all. I enjoy reading all you top posters when I have time, thanks for all
the amusement! I am in the MidWest, 40something, and a Property Manager.
Very stressful busy job, but certainly never boring. Oh, and I do like my martinis!

L O L - I almost asked gender.

tee hee…Yeah, I thought that would be evident. But ya never know sometimes.

Hi! I am a robot in rabbit form. I like destruction, mayhem and carrots. I’m not sure how old I am because my creator wiped my memory (she blames vista) and I live in her basement.

Oh Hai Mr. Thugbot! So vry nice 2 meet cha.

Have you met the lemming? He only comes around once in awhile. You will either love him, or there will be trouble!

Oh, jeez, a rabid rabbit and the lemming from hell. Take cover.

Now that we are secure did anyone think about popcorn and drinks?