(NEW) Pioneer VSX-834 Receiver & ENERGY 5.1 Speaker Bundle

(NEW) Pioneer VSX-834 Receiver & ENERGY 5.1 Speaker Bundle

This is not a great deal. This and the other AV Reciever + 5.1 speaker bundles found on WOOT! all should be priced at least $100 less if not more.

This exact receiver regularly goes on sale for less than $400. Currently on-sale for $368 on Amazon.com from reputable electronics dealer (Huppins).

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-VSX-834-7-2-Channel-AV-Receiver/dp/B07P683WTS/

That doesn’t include the speakers, thanks!

The speakers are a discontinued model, seems like, only found on Woot!, but I didn’t really try hard looking for them elsewhere, but of course they were on WOOT! just the the other day being sold at around $180 by themselves without any AV receiver. The speakers themselves are not worth a penny over $150 being an old discontinued model.

A “Bundle” sale should actually be a deal to save money, not a con for unsuspecting normies that don’t exactly know what they are buying.

Nobody should purchase this bundle, or any of the other AVR+5.1-speaker bundles found in the electronics section, the current pricing is a scam.