new poster question....

I’ve been with woot! for a while but just started venturing into the forum. I’ve searched for over an hour but can’t find an answer to my question.

I noticed that beside the name of some posters here, there is a quality post count. Sooooo… I was wondering what exactly is that? 0.o

It doesn’t look like a post counter so what qualifies as a quality post and who makes the judgment as to what is a quality post?

I feel sure that with enough one on one therapy sessions I will be able to cope with life without knowing the answer but it would save me a lot of time and gas money if someone could just enlighten me. :Þ

forum moderators. mostly awarded for enlightening or funny posts in the product-for-sale threads, but sometimes elsewhere as well.

If you look at the main product page, they link the quality posts to the comments that are useful links, manuals, official sites or how to you-tube videos by users.

On shirt.woot, it’s usually jokes and funny references :smiley:

Whew! Thanks guys! I can call and cancel my next therapy session and keep my I want one money ready to spend. :slight_smile: