New Release! Wellington 2012 Victory Reserve (2)

New Release: Wellington Vineyards 2012 Victory Reserve 2-Pack
$59.99 $135.00 56% off List Price
2012 Wellington Vineyards Victory Reserve

Hot Damn

Is this the last Victory? I bought a couple, but may talk myself into more in the morning.

Wellington Victory W00t!

Buy ~ALL~ the Wellington.

SIWBM can’t stand when Victory is offered. Especially a new release! The acclaim Peter receives for this wine is well deserved.

I advise you buy as much as you can. You will thank yourself and reap the reward as you enjoy these over time (if you’re patient enough to wait that is.)

I really wish I could afford a full case but in for a half :):):slight_smile:

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Been waiting for this for many many months.

as rjq said:
Buy ~ALL~ the Wellington.

This is looking promising.
Quantity Breakdown

22% bought 1
22% bought 2
56% bought 3 or more

Did you get a full case or is that just a silly question?

And of course, in for 3.

No, 2013 is the last vintage of Victory. Here’s a quote from Peter:

Bought a set. But I should have bought 3…

Im going to sleep. Then wake up. If it’s still available I’ll grab another… I have no room. Looks like I will be selling off a case… and drinking another. :sweat_smile:

Silly x2

Good thing you’re working all that overtime.

Have missed endless Wellington offers this year. Not going to miss the (maybe?) last of the Wellington, especially the wine that seems to be his best, and signature, wine. For once, it’s not right AFTER buying a case of something else, or right BEFORE a trip out of town right through the delivery window. Now to find a wine refrigerator that SWMBO will let through the doors.

The most interesting or unique aspect of the 2012 Victory is that it is the only vintage since 1997 that doesn’t contain any Handal-Denier Vineyard Cabernet sauvignon. We never make wine by recipe - it’s all about reaction to variability in a natural product that is influenced strongly by environmental conditions. 2012 was a “soft” vintage in general, and the Handal-Denier Cab that year, while very nice, didn’t have the intensity or concentration we require for Victory. 2012 was in fact such a soft year that we used a larger percentage of more tannic varieties / vineyards than in any other year. Baron Vineyard Cabernet Franc, Sarlo Vineyard Petit Verdot and Karren Vineyard Cabernet sauvignon tend to yield our most tannic wines year in and year out.
The most advantageous aspect of producing blends like Victory is the availability of multiple components. This allows the winemaker to adjust for vintage variation. Even with all the tannin added by blending this vintage of Victory is very smooth and supple. This wine is so enjoyable now that you may have a hard time trying to cellar it.

Wellington has really outdone itself by providing an ingredient list for their wine.

I’m going to sleep too. If I’m still around in the morning I’ll respond to any questions, comments, etc.

I may regret it when I wake up in the morning and realize I just bought a $360 case of wine… then again it’s Wellington so… probably not.

I still haven’t even cracked into some of the Wellington I’ve purchased in the last couple months either. Big fan so far though! Going to have to invest in a place to store these ones for special occasions.

The Victory offers always seem to sneak past me. It’s a good thing I woke up in the middle of the night to see this offer.