(NEW) Samsung Galaxy Buds2 True Wireless ANC Earbuds (International Model)

(NEW) Samsung Galaxy Buds2 True Wireless ANC Earbuds (International Model)

I have these.
Paid iist maybe a year ago.
The sound is excellent. The noise reduction is great.
But they keep falling out of my ears. I try to jam them i my ear canal but they keep falling out.
Pixel buds dont. Bose doesnt. These do.
It would be great if they offered rubber tips that have that extra “hook” that gets placed in the cradle of the ear. Would go a lonng way to stabilze the buds.

Agreed. I bought these brand new. Absolutely TERRIBLE FIT. Stay away from these.

Do they come with various sizes for the rubber tip? I have a pair of the original and had a problem until i tried different size. The microphone only works occasionally on my buds.

Did anyone get a different colored one instead of graphite?

I got onyx black instead of graphite.

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I have these and they fit great.

Everyone has a different ear canal shape/size. Ive had other earbuds that fit terribly even with a wing (JBL.). Don’t not buy these because they don’t fit someone else.

Sounds is very good, great at this price point. ANC and Ambient features work well. Touch controls are a bit over sensitive, but you can adjust that in app.

Mic is great for calls, but it’ll pick up a little background noise. Meaning I wouldn’t recommend them for work (Teams calls, etx…)

These do come with 3 size ear tips. My wife is in between sizes. She picked up a multi pack of eartips on Amazon and found a better fit. That was $5-6.

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