(NEW) Samsung QLED The Frame TV (2022 Model)

(NEW) Samsung QLED The Frame TV (2022 Model)

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If your new year resolution was to watch less TV and get to know the “local” Samsung repairer by name this TV is for you ! In all seriousness though - we bought this TV for Christmas and have had nothing but problems with it. They advertise that you can leave it on to make it look like art but that “art” gets burnt into the screen. It eventually fades halfway through the movie your watching but if it’s a darker movie it’s almost unwatchable. Art mode is also something you PAY for (beyond basic art) - like I have to pay Samsung to get burn in on my TV ? My kids can do that for me for free ! Samsung said they could “fix” this - so the man came out after waiting for the new panel … he then took apart the TV , discovered he didn’t have the right part, left, and then came back 2 days later to finish. Guess what ? New panel already failed - we now have a giant black blob on the screen that grows a few inches every few days. New call to Samsung - 3 days wait to get a response, ANOTHER new panel on the way … good thing we have a warranty, but it’s not easy to get ahold of the service team and wait for weeks for parts. Read other reviews and you’ll see the same issues - the IDEA of this TV is awesome, but execution failed.


Thank you for this honest review as I really wanted one of these.

Have had 2 of these for 4mo and 3mo and had 0 issues or burn in. There are auto brightness settings you probably need to change and a screensaver that can take over when on art mode for a long time. Use those settings and you’re fine. Love the art mode and the fact that they sit flush to the wall. Way nicer looking. May be buying another but they are damn expensive.

Agree with this. Also got one right after Black Friday and it’s been fine. It’s mostly used with my Roku, which has its own screensaver. I have the art subscription with Samsung and I’ve had no issues there either.

I have the 32”, and it fits/functions perfectly! 1 yr


How is the anti-reflective/glare coating on these 2022 models?


I have a 2018 and 2020 model of this tv. Both 55”. Have had no issues with the screen. I don’t use the art feature all time and switch out the image regularly. I create my own mediocre images with Stable Diffusion so I don’t subscribe to the Samsung art package.


I’ve had a 50" Frame for a year and a half, and it has been very good, no issues. I got it from here, think it even was a refurb.

I normally hate a TV over a mantel, but I had to put one there in our new house. I like the concept of the Frame to look like art/not a TV when not in use. My model, either 2020 or 2021, the screen is not as matte as I would like for the art feature. The art feature has a motion setting so that it turns off/sleeps when motion is not present. I have seen no evidence of burn-in yet. It’s a good panel…black level not as good as my OLED, and the sound is better than I expected for such a thin TV/bezel.

Having said that, one of my best friends had nothing but bad luck with 2 Samsungs, and will never buy one again. So, YMMV.