New Screen Pop-Ups

Who else hates those new screen pop-ups? I thought the new look was going to make the site easier to navigate, not try to disuade us from clicking on the other tabs and ruin our product gawking experience!

Send a report to beta feedback.

Hate them. PITA

Absolutely perfect answer, here.

Did you realize that thread was from Aug. 2?

In retrospect. Silly spammers.

puzzled. poof and d’name are silly spammers? They both gave what seemed like reasonable answers, you know, back on August 2.

It is common knowledge that spammers can boost old threads to the top.

It is by no means me calling anyone who helped out a spammer.

It is still also a legit answer to hit the beta feedback button :slight_smile:

was there a comment removed from the thread that boosted it to the top? otherwise, how would they be able to bump up a thread? WHY DON’T I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS ALREADY?
-cred is all gone. snif.


Is there ever any hope of feedback from the feedback?

Not as frequently as everyone would like, but the big epic thread is the best place to find it, as it arrives.