New shirt - no email


Thanks for the print! I didn’t see an email for it though, and although it has my name, it doesn’t seem to show up in my catalog. Not sure, but hey, thanks for printing! I’m psyched!


The penguin one that’s in the current derby as yours also does not appear on their artist page.

Perhaps it’s because it’s in a derby?

Also might want to ask @amylane


No launch emails for me either. :frowning:

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Yeah - it looks like multiple artists aren’t matching up in this one.


Same here, no launch email for Always in Treble.

BB8 is Amazing and Always in Treble are not appearing in catalog


Paging @amylane for help.


They’re looking into it and will respond when they figure out the issue. :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t sure if my first mention went through because I added it after submitting!


The new Easter sale is doing it too.


We are looking into this and will get back to you when we have some answers, thank you for letting us know everyone!

@krittikae @netMASA @thatquietgir1 @acraigl


Did you guys figure out what’s going on yet? Thanks!


It happened to me too…

no email


I know that you guys are looking into it, and I don’t mean to poke the issue further. But I just wanted to let the Powers That Be know that I didn’t receive an e-mail for “Rollin’ with R2D2” or “Rollin’ with BB8” in the Tsar Wars Editor’s Choice sale.

Now I will back away humbly and with deep gratitude for your time and attention to this issue. <3


alright, figured out the problem! We should have the emails sent out tomorrow. Sorry about everything being broken lately


Excellent! Do we need to list them here or will the system catch up to us?


Adding them here, just in case… no coupon email, not (yet) in catalog.

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@gods94 Emails just arrived. Thank you!

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Great! Glad to hear it’s working.

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All the coupons should have gone out. If anyone didn’t receive theirs please let me know.


Thanks @gods94!