New Shirts From The Shirt-Off

Awww, shame I missed all the awesome cool shirts in the shirt.woot shirt-off.

Just remember to stay fresh and the secret shirt.woot greeting!

Person A: “Boss shirt, boss.”
Person B: “Yeah, I know.”

You know, those first four all have a similar “tone”. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Oh, wait, I got it! Hands on things that don’t normally have hands! Whew, that was really bothering me.


I, for one, hope that Shirt-Off’s become a more regular thing.

I really wish the Food Fight graphic was available on an apron…now that would be Kewl!

I did detect a repeated pattern in shirts throughout the day. Quite a few scared stiff in an iconic shadow images. I wondered about that. I guess when you’ve got a good idea you just run with it, eh wirdou.

  1. This side sale made me hungry.
  2. It’s totally

My wife’s name is Gif. Thanks for the shirt!

I TOTALLY agree with that!!!

I would REALLY love both the GIF shirts… but I’d have to explain them to everyone. I need new friends…

OK, the shirt with the beer and the cigar… can someone explain to me what the shadow is? Looks kind of like a robot?? I’m sure I’m missing an pop-culture reference here. A little help?

Most likely

Loved the shirtoff, bought a shirt.

None of these appeal to me at all, Sorry Woot.

You say “GIF” just like you say “Google”, which sounds like “joogle”. Amirite?

It’s Bender from Futurama!