(NEW) Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds

(NEW) Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds

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Anyone know if these can be used independently?

For example, I use the left side of my current bt earbuds but not the right side (because I have my phone headset in my right ear).

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Is this just a slap in the face to all of us that were so thrilled with our OMG purchase that were apparently soon to be replaced Skullcandy earbuds?

Yes just pull the single earbud you need out.

Also read the manual carefully. It’ll tell you how to re-pair both buds when they don’t connect with each other.

I have a pair of these in green.
They sound great and stay in my ears very well but it’s damn near impossible to keep them charged. They die on their own rapidly, they don’t seem to charge at the same time as the case.
Great headphones, terrible battery management.
I struggled with them for a month before just getting a different brand.


I looked them up, looks like an older pair but somewhat full featured. I will say, having the Sesh Evo which (like these) have Tile integration, I will probably never buy “expensive” earbuds without that feature. A small black case is so easy to misplace. Think I’ll “hodl” mine for now, I managed to get them for this same price back in fall 2020 locally, amazingly enough.

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Yeah. For $20 these days you can get stuff from soundpeats, soundcore (life p2 mini when on sale), JLab go pop, and Earfun that are reasonably new.

The JLab go pop we’re only $12 brand new for a while.

Personally, I still prefer neckbands. I have plenty of true wireless It’s always annoying having to devote pocket space and shuffle around to put them away.

A neckband with decent battery life is just so convenient. Especially for phone calls. Just grab a bud from your neck, and if you need and an awareness you can just literally take them off your ear and let them hang there.

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I think if you just place them back in the case after using them and not turning them off they are in standby and charging.

Not sure if turning them off prior to placing them back in the case saves battery or don’t while the buds are completely off.