New Stuff! Dinosaurs & Southwest Tees

I see they edited the Colorado tee. I had a feeling it wouldn’t print as is.

Sad to see the Colorado tee being what it is. I was hoping for something funny about the square shape. Instead it’s just another joke about the drug thing. Makes me hate that it was legalized even more now, can’t get a decent Woot shirt about my state…

grumble grumble grumble

I agree - gee another Colorado shirt about pot, how original. :confused: #iamdisappoint

Was strongly thinking of buying the CO shirt, I see it got censored somewhat. If the pot leaf is returned I’ll buy it.

Thank you woot! I’m quite torn on what to buy because I love dinosaurs and live in Texas. It’s like you made this event for me. Thank you! I’ll be buying 6 shirts in case they don’t get offered again in the future.

Why are there no kid sizes for What Did I Step In Now? shirt?

Supply issues.

Well, that will kill the sales of a kid oriented shirt.

Define “kid oriented”. After all, this is shirt.woot. :slight_smile:

I swear, if they go the same route for WA as they did for CO, I’m gonna scream at the next toker I see v.v So sick of the theme and the smell that permeates downtown Seattle now. Seeing it invade Woot is just fueling my hate.

New Mexico pays homage to Walter White,

i was excited to see what might be created as a fun or funny shirt for utah since there are so many things one could focus on. what a disappointment! any 10-year-old could have created that shirt in 10 minutes; it’s poorly designed, boring, and completely unfunny. and overall, this batch of shirt ideas is nowhere near as clever or entertaining as the other state groupings have been. i truly hate to be one of the negative throng on woot, but this was just sad. sigh.

I’m pretty sure I have a Pavlovian response to patrickspens shirts at this point – it’s in my cart before I even pause to read the details.


Yup. Colorado is more than just pot. Makes me sad to see my home state only represented this way.