New Stuff! Fake Bands

So did Katy Perry stop suing people over Left Shark merchandising?

I think they just c&d’d the people who were making 3D models, we haven’t heard anything but tend to comply with that stuff.

I do not see any way to get on an email notification if these are ever offered again; that doesn’t exist, right?

(I admit the obvious, I may still be more a Noob than my username implies!)

After these tees launch, they’ll be in the catalog within a week after. You can check in the catalog here by title/keywords/etc.

Excellent, thanks!
Checking maybe once a week or so sounds like a reasonable strategy? Thanks again.

Sure! Yeah we have about a new batch of Plus sales for shirt bi-weekly. If you’re only interested in Shirt, rest assured, all possible tee-sales will also be hosted on the main page of Shirt.Woot.