New Stuff! Freedom Tees

FYI, the pricing/options for Political Illiteracy needs fixing.

(Feel free to delete this post afterwards.)

“remember” - good
crosses - just crosses - not so good. If there were headstones or someone saluting, that would be better. If there were crosses, Stars of David, and other symbols mixed together to show that troops weren’t all Christian, maybe.

Passing :frowning:

Will spelling mistakes be fixed before these are printed? I really want to get The Star-Spangled Eagle, but there are a couple mistakes. There is “deept” a little more than halfway down in the blue, and “vuntingly” (instead of vauntingly) on the right of the third stripe of white.

Also, I want to get this in a women’s xlarge in AA, but there is currently only large available. Will there be more available later in the day?

I also want to get the American Phoenix, and there aren’t any options in the women’s AA. What’s up with that?!?

For the sticker collectors, here’s the sticker trade thread and here’s what’s in the current set:

Is there some reason Nevada was excluded from the state shapes on the FREE t-shirt? Have we been kicked out?

Excited to be able to wear Chucklenorris’ American Phoenix shirt on Independence Day!

“ABC America” and “Heart of Liberty” no longer have the AA option but the other shirts in the sale do. Can that be fixed please? Don’t want people to miss out who prefer AA. :slight_smile:

Fixed! In the Plus sale at least.

will the spelling mistakes for The Star-Spangled Eagle be fixed before being printed? (see above) I really want to get this shirt, but those mistakes would really bug me. I won’t buy it if they aren’t going to be fixed.

Looks like part of Hawaii was also kicked out as well.

Unlikely, I don’t think we have the bandwidth to fix them.

Yay! Thank you! <3

The liberty bell unisex tank says the color is silver but it appears black/navy…which is it? Also, does anyone know how these fit in the arm holes? Is it tight or more loose where I could wear a bandeau under it if I got a size up? I’m usually a women’s small but I’d want this to be a bit oversized.

Ocho has confirmed that it’s navy. Sorry for the confusion!

It’s clear someone struggled with islands, since NY is missing Long Island. Don’t worry, these oversights shouldn’t be noticeable, since they’re only home to a few million people, given or take. They got all the little states, that counts for something, right?

Really? What kind of response is that?

And why not? I’m a mirkin!

I wear a LG in the standard Woot shirts do I need to size up to XL in AA shirts?