New Stuff! Freedom Tees

If the normal tees from us are feeling reasonably comfortable/roomy, no worries about sizing up. If you’re starting to feel a little squished in a L, get an XL in AA. Make sure to look over the sizing chart to double check the differences though!

A realistic one.

These Patriotic Tees are made in Nicaragua/Honduras. I’ll pass.

Indeed, but there is also an American Apparel option if the American aspect is the selling point for you.

Loose. You might not even have to “size up” as they’re men’s/unisex sized. Check the charts to be for certain.

Men’s shirts, no. In fact, I size “down” with AA but that’s because the Anvil shirts shrink too much, even when line dried. Not that I consider the Anvils to be typically sized …

Women’s shirts, it’s typical to size up for AA over Anvil (or size down for Anvil over AA). It has caused confusion before.

In any case - and this goes for anyone - PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZING CHARTS!

What is with the no kids sizes?!

Can I get it without the elephant one? I’m not a bigot.

They used up all the kids sized blanks already.

Are you talking about the stickers? They’re random and what you receive could be any 10 of the designs listed in this post.

Oh no - I can’t believe they are all sold out! I was trying to decide from among several and I guess waited too long. :frowning:

Has anyone gotten tracking movement on their shirts? Mine only says shipping info received. Product page promised delivery before July 4th.

I received ABC America (from the daily) yesterday via FedEx Home Delivery; haven’t paid much attention to the shipping on the other shirts from this side sale, though.

Well I ordered one for both me and my 7yr old son to wear for the 4th since they WERE assuredly going to be here by then. He really enjoyed his…mine of course, is still sitting in the shipping bay in Texas or wherever items go once they mark them as “Label created”. It is Tuesday July 8th, so obviously there was a breakdown in the system somewhere. At least it wasn’t reversed where I got my new shirt for the party and my son is left out because his didn’t come…because that would have ruined his afternoon! I managed better than that, but I’m still disappointed it didn’t work out, and Woot almost certainly is to blame here… :-/

It looks possible that FedEx may have lost that package. If you haven’t already, please contact our CS team! They should be able to figure out what’s up and either send you a new one or refund you. You can contact them using this form.

Will spelling mistakes be fixed before these are printed? I really want to get The Star-Spangled Eagle, but there are a couple mistakes. There is “deept” a little more than halfway down in the blue, and “vuntingly” (instead of vauntingly) on the right of the third stripe of white.

All the Freedom tees are sold out but they are still showing on the sale page. Are you going to fix this? It’s hard to shop when the sold out notice is three pages away from the first page.

I’m not seeing the sale on the shirt home page. Is it gone now?

It’s not on the main page; it appears that after this sale, these shirts were not reverted back to the catalog.

(Some are available in the garage sale right now, which may be another extra complication.)

I’ll ask Ocho.

Alrighty I found the links in the graveyard sale and fixed them. This kinda sale is new to us so it’s easy to miss a couple old links out of so many offers. They should be all fixed now.