New Stuff! Non-Electronic Gaming & Midwest Tees

Man, I was all excited for the Wisconsin shirt, until I saw “pop.” Damn it, here in Southeastern Wisconsin it is soda!

I love the flyover shirt, but c’mon: Illinois is more than Chicago. It’s got corn, and soybeans, and cows, and more corn…

Here in Rhode Island we call water fountains “bubblers” too. Interesting that Wisconsin and Rhode Island share that.

Though I do suppose it’s actually “bub-lah” here…

Thanks, Woot! This is one of my favorite designs and I’m glad it finally found a good home.

Agreed on “pop”. Where I live, SE WI, only people from Illinois call it “pop”. As far as “bubbler”, I’ve never heard anyone call it that who wasn’t joking. You always hear that we’re supposed to call it that, but I think it must be an old people thing maybe. Also, “stop 'n go lights”: never heard it, “skeeto”: never heard it, and “'n so”: never heard it.

I wish the Wisconsin shirt I liked was available. The one with the Van Gogh type, painted fall scene and the shape of the state with the black background. The Wisconsin ones here are too much like the kind of shirts you see for sale at flea markets and the like. Not very original, outside of maybe the cat one, but it seems like you could do that for nearly any state.

YES! TOTALLY AGREE! I live in Southwestern WI and until I lived here, (I grew up in northern WI.) I had never heard “pop”. It’s actually an Iowa influence, I think. Either way… that’s not a WI thing. I will give kudos for “bubbler”. That’s definitely a word I use often.

I lived in Eau Claire for 3 years, and I’d say the whole western side of your state says pop.


I would love the dr who as a tote. Hint Hint.

No love for Indiana?

Cue RFRA comments…

I was thinking the same thing. As a person from the small part of Illinois that says “pop” I got a lot of crap when I moved to Milwaukee, where they say “soda”

Illinois is more than Chicago AND corn…its a lot of flat, boring land

I moved to the Milwaukee area (from Illinois)in high school, and went to college in Stevens Point, and I heard bubbler the whole time. So maybe its a SW WI thing.


spot-on about Iowa, and even then, it seems so fake.